Travel mini toothpaste Set

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Especially for the travel – this toothpaste to be used for Minituben set you can light and space saving hand luggage packing


Aronal and Elmex are the ideal way to perfect cleanliness in your mouth. Aronal with zinc protects the gums and eliminates morning thoroughly, yet gently bacterial plaque. In the evening Elmex is the perfect protection for the night – the amin fluoride strengthens and mineralise their teeth and make them more resistant against dental caries.

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Product description

Targeted protection for gums and teeth.
Product Features:
If you want to healthy lives and on its body pay, in the oral care Don’t Do Things by halves.
A sleek, concept, the medical double protection: use with Morning Aronal with zinc & Evening Elmex with amin fluoride offer targeted protection for gums and zähne.
Aronal öko-dent (12 ml):
Helps strengthen and protect the gums for a great start to the day.Thoroughly removes morning pads and prevents Zinc ensuring your other growth, especially also along the gum line, Effective vor. Aronal öko-dent, and you can start fresh and protected in the tag.
Elmex (12 ml):
Reminalisiert and strengthens overnight the enamel-safe teeth whitening.Amin fluoride encourages the creating a mineral deposits, the enamel-safe teeth whitening by night Wiederein bearings of minerals härtet. Elmex, and their teeth become more resistant to dental caries.

Volume 12 ml with Brush
Units 2×12 milliliter
Brand CP GABA GmbH



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