Travel Toilet Seat Covers


ON THE GO TRAVEL PACKS: use in Public Toilets everywhere, Paper Seat Covers provide a Germ-Free Barrier and offer Protection from cross infection
HYGIENIC SOLUTION: made from Pure Virgin Paper, Flushable, Biodegradable, Fast Dissolving Paper, Great Piece of Mind Travel accessory
EASY TO USE: simply Unfold and Splay a Paper Seat Cover over a Standard Toilet Seat in an instant
CONVENIENT TO CARRY: Compact, Pocket Size Resealable Travel Packs
GREAT VALUE: 5 Pack 10 Paper Seat Covers Per Pack (50 Covers in total), Ready to Ship, treat yourself, get a Pack NOW

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Flushable Seat Covers:
Germ-Free Protective Barrier against Cross infection
Pocket Size RESEALABLE Packs
Self-Flushing, simply flush W.C. and watch the Central Flap dangling from the Paper Seat Cover pull the Paper Toilet Seat Cover off the Toilet Seat and see it disappear down the Bowl
Disposable, Single Use Covers
Ideal for when needing to use a Public Toilet (W.C.) everywhere when out and about:
at Place of Work
in Shopping Centre Public Toilets W.C.
on Holiday
on Airplanes
in Trains
at Outdoor Events
for Potty training kids
..and so many more places

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