Travel Wash Gel

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Travel Camping Laundry Wash Cream Tube


  • Dr. Beckmann Travel Wash is an absolute holiday essential, whether it’s a family holiday abroad or a business trip, never leave home without it.
  • You never know when you’re going to have an accident and spill something down your clothes, and if it’s a sauce that can stain you will want to get it out straight away. Dr. Beckmann Travel Wash is a concentrated washing gel, which can be used to hand wash your garments in any type of water or apply the gel directly to the stained area for on the spot stain removal.
  • Keeping your family’s holiday clothes looking bright and your business shirts looking clean and smelling fresh whilst away from home has never been easier.



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Product Description
Dr Beckmann travel wash 100ml. pcs.

Contains among other ingredients: Less than 5% Non-Ionic Surfactant, 5% to 15% Anionic Surfactants, Methylchloroisothiazolinone, Methylisothiazolinone, Tetramethylolacetylenediurea, Perfume

Directions for Use Dissolve one or two teaspoonfuls of Travel Wash gel into a basin of hot or cold water and then hand wash clothes. Rinse clothes thoroughly and dry as usual. For heavily soiled or stained clothes apply gel directly to the affected areas, scrub lightly and then rinse thoroughly before drying. Important Information Always wash matching pieces together. Travel wash is suitable for all washable and colourfast fabrics. Before packing in a suitcase, ensure cap is tightened and secure and place the product in a plastic bag.

Safety Warning
Keep out of reach of children.

1 review for Travel Wash Gel

  1. Mantas Grigaitis (verified owner)

    Puiki, kelionėje išbandyta skalbimo priemonė prasiskalbti drabužius. Sudėtingų dėmių nemėginau išplauti, tačiau prakaitą ir nedidelius nešvarumus išskalbia puikiai. Keista, kad radau tokia priemonę tik šioje parduotuvėje, kitur tokios prekės nėra arba ji kainuoja daug brangiau. Kalbant apie pardavėją, jis bendraujantis, kadangi iš karto negalėjo atsiųsti prekės pridėjo nedidelę dovaną prie siuntinio, taigi prekė 10/10, pardavėjas 10/10.

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