Driving Licence & Insurance Holder


  • Keeps All Your Documents Safe
  • Quality, Soft Suede Material
  • Outer Material: leather
  • Closure: snap
  • Metal Corner Protector
  • Secure Button Closing Clasp
  • Size: 11.5cm x 11.5cm

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Material: Suede
Metal Corners
Size 11.5×11.5cm

Driving Licenses are not easy to get, so keep yours safe with this great Hot Pink Suede Wallet that will also hold Insurance Documents and up to 3 Credit Cards, protecting them from getting wet, dusty, dirty etc throughout your journeys.

The Covers have a closing popper, front Metal corner protectors as well as matching interior lining and stitching.

The Covers have “UK Drivers License and Insurance” embossed on them together with the EU UK symbol.


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