Pocket Knife Opinel


Opinel knife, size 4, stainless, with trailer. The pocket knife no. 4 is provided with a practical key fob.

The robust and versatile key fob with knife is the perfect companion for everyday life. It is small and compact and therefore always comfortable to carry with you. So the knife in everyday situations, such. B. when opening packages, a great help. The trailer, which guarantees easy transport and prevents losing the knife, also contributes to this. With the help of the trailer, the pocket knife can be easily attached to a key chain or to a snap hook. In addition, the blade ensures a flexible use. In addition, it fits perfectly into the design, which is completed by the handle of natural-colored beech wood.



Opinel knife, size 4, stainless, with trailer:

Blade material: stainless steel
Handle material: lacquered hardwood
Handle length: 6.5 cm
Blade length: 5.0 cm
Length opened: 11.5 cm
Weight: 13 g


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